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I've been playing a game with Austria, with the goal to revoke privilegia as soon as possible and do a WC attempt afterwards. But here is the thing: I have a female heir, and the decision Pragmatic sanction have appeared since the last time I played Austria. And it costs 25 IA to enact The next video is starting stop. Loading..

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  1. Steam Community: Europa Universalis IV. Pragmatic Sanction Event - Added in 1.2.0
  2. Pragmatic sanction : eu4. Hey guys, playing an Austria game, just made the emperor title hereditary. As if on cue, I get a female Heir. It will take some time to get the 2 . Press J to jump to the feed
  3. The Pragmatic Sanction, solemnly rendered by Emperor $EMPERORNAME$ on [GetDateText], established the indivisability of his lands and established succession by order of first born child, even to a woman. No doubt $EMPERORNAME$ also plans for his female heir to in time take his seat on the Imperial Throne

Since 2014, the EU has shown unprecedented unanimity on sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. However, in the game the a-historical pragmatic sanction can only be triggered by an Austrian Emperor, despite pragmatics pragmalingvistika, pragmatika . EU welcomes 'pragmatic' Ukrainian president. Type the name of a console command into the search box to instantly search 305 EU4 commands. It imposed sanctions that fuelled Iranian suspicion that the US wanted regime change in Tehran. Steam Group - goo.gl/QTt3bMDiscord - goo.gl/JnaQUqSteam - goo.gl/6i9xMOPSN - Send2MijiMail - send2miji@gmail.co This command makes the specified country the game's 'revolution target'. Note that there can only be one target of a revolution at any given time in EU4. rgb: rgb [amount] This command prints a specified amount of random RGB (color) values to the game.log file. run: run [file name] This command runs a list of commands in a specified file. The file should be located in the game's root directory (the main folder for the game, where EU4.exe is located) Find below a list of all event IDs in EU4. Type the name of an event or an event key into the text box below to instantly search our database 1,590 events. HOI4 Event IDs Victoria 2 Event IDs. Name. Event ID. Event Type. American Quest For Independence. 1021. Country Event The Pragmatic Sanction was an edict issued by Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, on 19 April 1713 to ensure that the Habsburg hereditary possessions, which included the Archduchy of Austria, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Kingdom of Croatia, the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Duchy of Milan, the Kingdom of Naples, the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Austrian Netherlands, could be inherited by a daughter. Charles and his wife Elizabeth Christine had not had children, and since 1711, Charles had.

Just got a herald from Austria of the pragmatic sanction. The year is 1446 and it tells me of an event in the middle of the 18th century, lol The pragmatic sanction wasn't actually about the succession of the Holy Roman Empire, it only concerned the heritance of the Habsburg lands. Maria Theresa's husband was puppet HRE. The reason he got elected was because Austria was the only HRE state that could actually fulfil the military duties of the emperor. That wouldn't have been the case had the Hapsburg lands been partitioned out 国事詔書. Pragmatic Sanction. pragmatic_sanction_decision. BACK HOME. This content is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.Copyright EU4_JPM_PROJECT.EU4_JPM_PROJECT While EU sanctions inherently have an effect in non-EU countries, as they are a foreign policy tool, the measures apply only within EU jurisdiction. In other words, the obligations they impose are binding on EU nationals or persons located in the EU or doing business here. The task of conducting investigations into potential non-compliance cases falls to the Member States and their national.

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EU named four sanctions scenarios against Belarus. 09.02.2021 18:09 . Share A group of European Union states with diplomatic representatives in Belarus and a delegation of the bloc in Minsk will recommend several ways to develop a sanctions policy against Belarus. No entry sign in front of EU flag. The document Report of the heads of EU missions: an overview of the EU restrictive measures. The EU's inability to seriously discuss sanctions as one of the possible responses to West Bank annexation has less to do with challenges built into its decision-making processes, than with deep failures in the EU's pragmatic understanding of sanctions as a key foreign policy instrument EU restrictive measures impact on humanitarian aid: Between a principled view for exemptions and a pragmatic approach for an effective derogation process. Friday 11th December 2020, 10.30 - 12.30 CET VOICE has raised awareness of the impacts of EU sanctions and counter-terrorism restrictive measures for the pas

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The strictest is the fourth way, namely, an almost complete freeze of relations, that is, the rupture of diplomatic relations, the withdrawal of ambassadors of the EU member states, a tough sanctions regime against industrial sectors, a ban on the sale of Eurobonds. A moratorium on the participation of Belarus in the structures of the Eastern Partnership and official recognition of the government in emigration are also possible Eu4 pragmatic sanction keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website. Search Domain. Search Email. Keyword Suggestions. Bing; Yahoo; Google; Amazone; Wiki ; Eu4 pragmatic sanction. The pragmatic sanction eu4. Compare Search ( Please select. Putin names 'pragmatic' ambassador to the US, blacklisted by the EU. Russian President Vladimir Putin has named Anatoly Antonov as Russia's next ambassador to Washington, the Kremlin. The Fourth anti-money laundering Directive (AMLD4) sets out a broad range of administrative sanctions and measures all Member States must be able to impose for breaches of the applicable AML/CFT framework. It also requires that competent authorities publish information on the sanctions and measures they have imposed. The publication shall include at least information on the type and nature of the breach and the identity of the persons responsible From principles to pragmatism? : ontological insecurity and the EU´s sanctions regime against Russi

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Theresa May will certainly still try to be more pragmatic than her predecessor. David Cameron was very vocal, lambasted Russia for having 'ripped up the rule book' with its annexation of Crimea. He then spoke of a possibility to 'take sanctions to a whole new level' if Russia continued its incursions into Ukraine. May will not be so outspoken. However, she will remain committed to the. In April 1713, the then childless Charles issued the Pragmatic Sanction, allowing female inheritance. However, it also created the potential for conflict by ignoring the 1703 agreement and placing any of his children ahead of his nieces. This meant the birth of Maria Theresa in 1717 ensured her succession dominated the rest of his reign. In 1719, Charles required his nieces to renounce their. whereas the abovementioned Basic Principles on the Use of Restrictive Measures (Sanctions) is the first pragmatic document defining the framework within which the EU imposes sanctions; whereas, however, the EU has in practice been doing so since the early 1980s and, in particular, following the entry into force of the TEU in 1993; whereas that document formally establishes sanctions as an instrument of the CFSP and, as a result, represents the starting point for an EU sanctions policy The EU should never blur the difference between democracy and authoritarianism a la Putin. A fruitful dialogue must recognize and underline the ideological differences and contradictions and try to find pragmatic solutions to common challenges. Sanctions and especially sanctions alone can never achieve this! We should not destroy the last.

EU Member States in favor of lifting Russian sanctions . Bulgaria: Bulgaria considers the sanctions regime against Russia an obstacle to its own economy. 72% of Bulgarians have a positive view of Russia. Cyprus: The Cyprian government has opposed sanctions against Russia, especially on the basis of the two countries' economic ties, although the actual economic impact of the sanctions has. Since 2014, the EU has shown unprecedented unanimity on sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Despite diverging national interests and ranging economic dependencies on Russia, the EU's 28 Member States have managed to maintain a united policy. While the six monthly renewals may have looked like rubber stamp exercises they have in fact been a struggle between economic interests, geopolitical considerations and normative goals The lobbying of the Brussels elite by EU countries to abolish the sanctions was also discussed. Jon Hellevig's final comments was that the sanctions are actually an act of warfare, the same as shooting. It is a very aggressive act. Russia has been very pragmatic in responding to this. The EU sanctions have not had the effect that they were designed to have Only the EU as a whole gives its Member States the chance to maintain autonomy in the face of US-China competition for primacy. In order not to be squeezed by the two geopolitical giants, the EU needs to maintain a principled but pragmatic foreign policy. Defence of multilateralism and its institutions - as well as respecting the rules-based order - are fundamental to defending the EU position. This entails the installation of sanctions in order to defend European interests

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EU requires pragmatic, wise response to Turkey paradox Barçın Yinanç - barcin.yinanc@hdn.com.tr EU sanctions on Turkey would open deepen the country's problems instead of encouraging democracy, the secretary-general of the Turkish Industry and Business Foundation (TÜSİAD) has said, noting that the bloc must wisely and pragmatically manage this paradox Still, some member states would like to introduce sanctions against Belarus like the EU did in the case of Russia before (the EU lifted almost all sanctions against Belarus in 2016). Furthermore, the liberal and People's Party group of the European Parliament cleared that they would back such a move. Meanwhile, the Hungarian government expressed that they would veto an initiative containing. Russia and the EU cooperate where it is beneficial, despite political crises. Moreover, there is a clear tendency to separate political disputes from economic relations. The macroeconomic damage from EU sanctions has been very low for several years in a row. Russia, too, distances itself from harsh retaliation, limiting itself to symbolic visa restrictions pragmatic outcomes that reflect the interests of all' (see below). The crises and security challenges accumulating in and around the EU in recent years have added to the urgency of having a more effective and rapid decision-making process in areas pertaining to the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The principle of unanimity governing decision -making in CFSP and CSDP has been put in. Terminating a sanctions regime is easier for the EU than for the US. In the EU, a unanimous deci-sion by the Council suffices to lift sanctions, as no parliamentary approval - either by the European Parliament or by national assemblies - is required. In the complex US system, certain sanctions can be lifted by the president, while others - typically the most severe - can only be.

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  1. When confronted with a choice between complying with U.S. secondary sanctions and breaching the EU Blocking Statute, EU companies tend to choose the former based on OFAC's aggressive enforcement policy, the potential for being added to the SDN list, and resulting significant fines levied against EU companies for breaching U.S sanctions provisions. EU companies have shown that they would.
  2. 'The team has considerable strength and depth in the area of sanctions/EU compliance. Roger has insightful and pragmatic advice on sanction issues - the specific area where we consult with him. He is not afraid to give opinions on complex matters and use his judgement to help us make business decisions. Roger has insightful and pragmatic advice on sanction issues - the specific area.
  3. pragmatic (English)Alternative forms. pragmatick (archaic); pragmatique (obsolete); Origin & history From Middle French pragmatique, from Late Latin pragmaticus (relating to civil affair; in Latin, as a noun, a person versed in the law who furnished arguments and points to advocates and orators, a kind of attorney), from Ancient Greek πραγματικός (active, versed in affairs.
  4. Even in pragmatic terms, the EU will veer into uncharted waters and bite off more than it can chew. Second, the EU's current posturing begs the significant question of whether it really has the moral authority to pontificate to, and judge, other countries outside the Union. In actuality, the EU is hardly a paragon of virtue itself as it.
  5. The new French leader aims to tell the Russian president he wants political solutions in Syria and Ukraine, but that EU sanctions on Russia are to stay in place. That was the message that French president Emmanuel Macron gave to press following the G7 summit in Italy on Saturday (27 May)
  6. A pragmatic approach is therefore required to harness the added value of different levels of action - EU, national and informal groupings - while pursuing shared or at least compatible goals. Despite the problems affecting EU foreign policy, there are clear advantages with operating at 27 through common institutions. It offers critical mass.

one single pragmatic vision for EU Eastern Policy - the Shared European Home - that was considered the most achievable state of the European external policy towards the East in 2030. Based on this scenario, the experts elaborated policy recommendations that were published in Ms Wanninger presenting the policy recommendations form of a policy paper. On May 23rd 2016, a delegation of the. EU welcomes 'pragmatic' Ukrainian president. Mr Yanukovych (l) got the red carpet treatment in Brussels, but talks were frank, Mr Barroso (r) said, in diplomatic code for spelling out some harsh truths (Photo: ec.europa.eu) By Andrew Rettman. Brussels, 1. Mar 2010, 13:35. The EU has urged Ukraine's new leader, Viktor Yanukovych, to sort out the country's political and financial mess, while. The article concludes that what in the first phases of the EU sanctions against Syria represented a deviation from the traditional pragmatic EU policies vis-à-vis the Middle East, seems during the latest phase to be followed by a more cautious approach, which also takes security concerns into consideration. Original language: English: Journal: Mediterranean Politics: Volume: 20: Issue number. On May 5, the European Commission released two policy proposals addressing economic and strategic challenges posed by China: The foreign subsidies instrument and an update of the EU's industrial policy. What you need to know Based on a white paper released by the Commission in May 2020, the foreign subsidies instrument targets distortions in the EU's single market caused by companies. This guide provides a pragmatic overview of issues raised by the rapid increase of sanctions regimes and investigations globally. White & Case authored chapters include discussions of: key sanctions issues in litigation. if sanctions designations can be challenged in US courts

The article concludes that what in the first phases of the EU sanctions against Syria represented a deviation from the traditional pragmatic EU policies vis-à-vis the Middle East, seems during the latest phase to be followed by a more cautious approach, which also takes security concerns into consideration. Originalsprog: Engelsk: Tidsskrift: Mediterranean Politics: Vol/bind: 20: Udgave. For Lebanese politicians, EU sanctions would have a pragmatic and serious weight because they are often in Europe, Salame wrote. SUBSCRIBE. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Tags: Main-Slider. Ivan Fischer Ivan is a Zagreb-based journalist with extensive experience in covering European and global politics, economy and emerging technology challenges. He is a foreign policy reporter for the. The EU has urged Ukraine's new leader, Viktor Yanukovych, to sort out the country's political and financial mess, while putting talk of EU accession on the back-burner. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels on Monday (1 March) said he was delighted that Mr Yanukovych chose to make the EU capital his first post-election foreign trip, ahead of a visit to Moscow at the end of the week The run-up to the March 19 meeting in Alaska, which followed visits by U.S. officials to Eastern allies Japan and South Korea, was marked by a flurry of moves by Washington to delineate a flexible and pragmatic stance on Beijing. U.S. and Chinese officials concluded the meeting in what the administration called tough and direct talks; the CCP's diplomats presented the summit as a triumph of Xi Jinping's great power diplomacy

Without exceeding its authority vis-à-vis national regulators, the Commission should go as far as it can in the final version of these guidelines to provide the latest information on best practices and be as specific and pragmatic as possible in stating what the expectation is of a compliant EU exporter. We will be looking forward to seeing the next iteration of the ICP guidance follows. Economic sanctions bear the real loss, which brings about the exhaustion of the resources of the target of sanctions. When directed exclusively toward the ruling elite, sanctions weaken its power, while the opposition forces, to a certain extent, become more entrenched. If sanctions are broader, then the loss soon hurts the society. This is manifested by growing public dissatisfaction, and is expressed b A significant element in the EU sanctions was the restrictive measures against persons from or close to the regime, who became subject to having their economic assets frozen and a ban from. Sanctions are an important tool of governance in the global financial industry. Most countries have used sanctions or had sanctions placed against either them or their citizens. States increasingly use sanctions to fight economically, rather than physically, and as such, sanctions have become a common tool in foreign relations, peacekeeping and conflict resolution. Given their prevalence, everybody in the financial industry should have a good understanding of what sanctions are, how they. Following the United States' withdrawal from the JCPOA, and to mitigate the impact of U.S. secondary sanctions on the interests of EU companies doing legitimate business with Iran, the European Union amended its Blocking Statute. To this end, the Commission adopted the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1100 on June 6, 2018, which expands the scope of the Blocking Statute to include U.S. sanctions against Iran that were either lifted or waived under the JCPOA as well as any actions.

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In her speech, Weidel also said that sanctions against Russia should be lifted and Sputnik V should be approved in the EU. Contacts between the FRG, the EU and the Russian Federation should be immediately moved to a pragmatic level. Ideological blinders are inappropriate in foreign policy. Ending harmful sanctions is also in Germany's interest, - the politician said For Lebanese politicians, EU sanctions would have a pragmatic and serious weight because they are often in Europe, former culture minister Ghassan Salame said after co-signing a column with 100.

Offering a pragmatic middle way between these positions, we identify the potential within the extant constitutional settlement to pursue a rebalancing in favour of the social. In particular, we highlight the Commission's pre-existing legal and rhetorical commitment to social rights, arguing that it might draw on the standards established by the Council of Europe's European Committee of Social Rights and incorporate these into its economic governance mechanism, the European. For Lebanese politicians, EU sanctions would have a pragmatic and serious weight because they are often in Europe, former culture minister Ghassan Salame said after co-signing a column with 100 Lebanese civil society members in the French paper Le Monde, urging France to freeze assets. But the diplomats said Paris was still wary and had yet to define targets. They also said putting such.

round of limited (and reversible) sanctions relief alongside the US in January 2014, the EU is now set to adopt an 'exit strategy': a procedural road-map to ease punitive measures in accordance with Iranian compliance. With a track record of effectively rewarding acqui-escent targets, the EU stands out as a responsive 'sanctioner'. In contrast to the US, the EU has re And the Republicans are very pragmatic, said one EU envoy. We'll have to see, but there is a chance that for all the talk there won't be such a massive shift in real policy Francis Winthrop (played by Andy Powers): Schillinger's latest prag, seen in the season premiere spitting out a mouthful of you-know-what The EU council said it would uphold the sanctions it imposed 19 years ago against former president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace. Mugabe turns 95 on Thursday, and a rare picture of him was. LONDON (AP) — Britain and Canada imposed sanctions Tuesday on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, his son and other senior government officials following the country's disputed presidential election and a violent crackdown on protesters in Belarus

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - The reinforcement and modification by EU of its Blocking Statute, which protects EU companies from the effects of sanctions by a third country, in order to prohibit companies from complying with US anti-Iran sanctions will not protect companies from fines for cooperating with Iranian projects, experts told Sputnik A UK source said: The EU needs to take a more look pragmatic approach and keep in mind that the protocol depends on cross-community consent and confidence if it is to work. It needs to protect. The au has an embryonic sanctions policy (African Union 2000: Art. 23). Ultimately, it would be unfair to accuse the r2p approach without recognizing that what underpins the absence of collective political will to intervene (in Africa or elsewhere) is the weakness of transparent and co-ordinated governance, be it in foreign or domestic policy. For instance Since within the EU farmers are politically quite powerful, this made US sanctions unpopular in Europe. Add to this the fact that the US now wants to sanction Russian energy imports in Europe, forcing the Europeans to buy from the US, whose supplies are much more expensive and far less reliable, and you can see why the Europeans have by now had enough of Washington's meddling

EU wants to extend sanctions because of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine: The EU wants to extend existing sanctions against 175 Russians and Ukrainians until March 2021. Their accounts are to be blocked and their entry denied. On Wednesday the EU member states agreed to the measure. It has yet to be confirmed in a written vote in the respective EU capitals and is directed against those responsible in the East Ukrainian conflict. Those affected are Ukrainian rebel leaders, former and current. The Bill lists several requirements to make the new regime unassailable under the EU free movement of goods rules. • Making it possible for the Minister responsible for public health or his representative to interfere with the supply chain in various ways by (i) limiting patient supplies; (ii) reducing pharmacy supplies; (iii) favouring supplies to hospital pharmacies; (iv) redistributing existing stocks; (v) allowing hospital pharmacies to redistribute stocks; (vi) regulating.

Pragmatic solutions are in the interest of both parties (Roberto Balzaretti, Head of the Mission of Switzerland to the EU) Brussels, 19/03/2014 (Agence Europe) - On 9 February, the Swiss voted by 50.3% in a referendum to limit immigration and reintroduce worker quotas within three years. Bern was thus unable to sign and ratify the protocol extending the free movement of persons agreement. But there are still pragmatic alternative options that we can use. ted2019. Euren iritziz, Hungariak independentzia osorako eskubidea bazuen ere, 1713ko Santzio Pragmatikoaren ondotik, bai Austriak bai Hungariak defentsa eta kanpo aferak bateratuak zituzten. They argued that while Hungary had the right to full internal independence, under the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713, foreign affairs and. We have also taken a pragmatic approach to the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). The aim has been to ensure an efficient and focused assessment of the banks directly supervised by the ECB, while reducing the burden compared with normal SREP cycles. The focus is on assessing banks' ability to respond to current challenges and the most material risks and vulnerabilities related. The EU and the UK agreed the Protocol together. We are also bound to implement it together. Unilateral decisions and international law violations by the UK defeat its very purpose and undermine trust between us. The UK must properly implement it if we are to achieve our objectives. That is why we are launching legal action today. I do hope that through the collaborative, pragmatic and.

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The EU has become more assertive in Southeast Asia, making trade dependent on political conditions in several countries. Although there is good reason for the region to be a test case for this new. pragmatic sanction noun. wikidata. Zobrazit algoritmicky generované překlady. Příklady Přidat . Zastavit. Zápas Všechno přesný žádný slova . 1740 - Marie Terezie nastoupila na rakouský trůn; Francie, Prusko, Bavorsko a Sasko neuznávají Pragmatickou sankci a začínají války o rakouské dědictví. 1740 - France, Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony refuse to honour the Pragmatic. EU wants to extend sanctions because of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine: The EU wants to extend existing sanctions against 175 Russians and Ukrainians until March 2021. Their accounts are to be blocked and their entry denied. On Wednesday the EU member states agreed to the measure. It has yet to be confirmed in a written vote in the respective EU capitals and is directed against those.

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Charles VI, (born Oct. 1, 1685, Vienna, Austria—died Oct. 20, 1740, Vienna), Holy Roman emperor from 1711 and, as Charles III, archduke of Austria and king of Hungary. As pretender to the throne of Spain (as Charles III), he attempted unsuccessfully to reestablish the global empire of his 16th-century ancestor Charles V. He was the author of the Pragmatic Sanction, intended to enable his. region in 2014, the EU and USA imposed sanctions on Russia; the latter responded with counter-sanctions. Cut off from Western financial markets and advanced technology, and excluded from what used to be the Group of Eight (G8 ), Russia has accelerated its 'turn to the East', originally aimed at boosting development of the backward and sparsely populated Russian Far East (R FE) and integrating. (Own report) - At Berlin's insistence, the EU foreign ministers decided, Monday, to temporarily suspend EU sanctions on Belarus, at least for the next four months. Because of the Ukrainian conflict, Minsk is confronting grave economic and foreign policy difficulties. Because of Russia's economic crisis, Belarusian imports have been drastically reduced and Minsk is forced to seek alternate markets

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In the report, Borrell also proposed a set of economic sanctions to be applied if Ankara moves once more against EU interests. Though he expressed concern over developments in Turkey's domestic politics Monday, analysts said recent rhetoric from EU officials appears to signal a shift away from cooperation based on improvements in Ankara's human rights record toward a more pragmatic approach Gnocchi also said the EU would take a pragmatic approach when working with nations in the region. 03:36 Beijing hits back at Western sanctions against China's alleged treatment of Uygur Muslim Смотри перевод с английский на итальянский sanction в словаре PONS. Включает в себя бесплатный словарный тренер, таблицы глаголов и функцию произношени EU has closely aligned objectives, a negotiating partner with whom the EU needs to find a balance of interests, an economic competitor in the pursuit of technological leadership, and a systemic rival promoting alternative models of governance. This requires a flexible and pragmatic whole-of-EU approach enabling a principled defence of interests and values. The tools and modalities of EU.

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The report places on the EU budget several costs that care currently borne by the application State, i.e. the costs of reception and transfers in the Dublin procedure, as well as the costs of reception for applicants 'manifestly unlikely' to qualify. These are costs incurred for providing 'public services' to the EU as a whole, so the logic of the reform is sound. Surprisingly, however. For Lebanese politicians, EU sanctions would have a pragmatic and serious weight because they are often in Europe, former culture minister Ghassan Salame said after co-signing a column with 100 Lebanese civil society members in the French paper Le Monde, urging France to freeze assets. But the diplomats said Paris was still wary and had yet to define targets. They also said putting such a.

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Authors: Henri Kouam & Sarmad Ishfaq The U.S.-UK relationship will suffer a blow from the United Kingdom's recent decision to exclude Huawei from its 5G network. Rather than taking a confrontational approach, China will raise non-tariff barriers and ensure the UK sees less favorable terms in a post-Brexit relationship. The UK should employ a more [ SSW Pragmatic Solutions combines knowledge, experience and professionalism. Our passion and creativity ensure that we provide effective and efficient, tailor-made solutions to our clients' commercial, legal or tax challenges

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Übersetzungen für den Begriff 'sanction' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuc Pragmatic considerations also explain the reluctance of some EU countries, notably Germany, to impose more sanctions against Russia; For the EU, US sanctions represent a serious headache: unlike European ones, American sanctions are extra-territorial. This means that every company around the world that uses the US dollar or has ties to the US must respect American sanctions or face the.

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