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In the Netherlands, cold weather is an invitation to stamppot. This typical Dutch dish is made from mashed potatoes with kale and sausage. There are of course many variations of it, such as sauerkraut, endive, and spinach. But stamppot with kale is by far the most traditional one The Best Traditional Dutch Foods Stroopwafels. A personal favourite. Two thin waffles held together by the thick caramel syrup inside. Possibly one of... Dutch Licorice/Drop. Being the country that has the highest per capita consumption of liquorice in the world (who even... Poffertjes. Tiny Dutch. Raw Herring with Onions is probably the most traditional Dutch food. Dutch people eat the fish raw with a few onions, sometimes on a piece of bread, but more often just the fish and the onions. You hate it, or you love it. I don't like this dish

Delicious & Famous Dutch Food Stroopwafel. Popular throughout the world, the 'stroopwafel' is undoubtedly the most famous and popular pastry from The... Kroket. The Netherlands is not known for its fabulous cuisine. But regarding to snacks, nobody can beat the Dutch! Patat. The Dutch version of. 5x real traditional Dutch foods Stroopwafel, street food ?!. A thin round waffle is cut in half and stuck back together with a spoonful of syrup in... Poffertjes at every (children's) party and festival. Poffertjes are tiny pancake puffs served with butter and powdered... Bitterballen with your.

Stamppot is a truly typical Dutch food. Every Dutch person grew up eating stamppot , especially in winter. It is a dish in which potatoes and one or more vegetables are mashed into a mix, usually served with some gravy and a sausage Traditional Dutch foods AVG'tje. This standard term for a Dutch dinner stands for Aardappel, Vlees, Groenten, or potato, meat and vegetables. Pea soup / snert. Pea soup is a thick, hearty split pea soup with sausage and vegetables, often consumed during winter. Hutspot. Potato, carrot and onion.

Classic Dutch food - Bitterballen Bitterballen are a very typical Dutch food - you will find them in every bar and pub. They are deep-fried meat balls filled with a ragout of beef or veal, crispy on the outside and creamy inside. The balls are always served with mustard Easy to make and delicious to eat, Dutch boterkoek (butter cake) is one of the sweetest delicacies you will find in the Netherlands. Made with butter, sugar, and flour, this dairy delight is sometimes filled with almond paste to give it more flavor. It can also include vanilla, salt, or lemon zest, depending on preference Dutch cuisine (Dutch: Nederlandse keuken) is formed from the cooking traditions and practices of the Netherlands.The country's cuisine is shaped by its location in the fertile North Sea river delta of the European Plain, giving rise to fishing, farming (for crops and domesticated animals), and trading over sea, its former colonial empire and the spice trade Most traditional Dutch Recipes are simple Meat and Vegetable consumers served with bread and wine. The diet also makes use of the abundant types of dairy products, especially cheese. During the 1300s to 1500s when the Dutch were colonizing and exploring the diet began to change and expand. The Dutch East Indies company and its colonies began bringing in more people and recipes from the colonies and the diet became more international

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From delicate white asparagus to wintry pea soup so thick you can stand a spoon in it, there's something here for every season. Whether you're cooking an easy, mid-week meal for your family, or looking for something special, we've got you covered with these 8 Dutch recipes you absolutely must try if you're new to Dutch food Most Dutch people still take a packed lunch to work, typically consisting of a sandwich with brown bread and cheese (known as a bruine boterham met kaas) and half a pint of buttermilk, with a piece of fruit. Dutch office workers often eat a similar meal in their office canteens. Alternatively, they may go for One for cold winter evenings, stamppot is the ultimate Dutch comfort food, not dissimilar to British Bubble & Squeak. Translated literally as 'mash pot', this traditional dish involves potatoes mashed with other vegetables - traditional stamppot includes various combinations of sauerkraut, carrot, onion or kale - and is usually served with a big juicy sausage Pannenkoeken is typical Dutch food, but they are totally different from the French crepes or American pancakes. Dutch pancakes are usually the size of a large plate and about 3 to 5 mm thick. Natural pannenkoeken are made with milk, eggs, and flour, but often bacon, cheese, or apples are added to the mix for some variety. Put powdered sugar or syrup on your pancake as a topping, roll it up and.

30 Typical Dutch Foods You Must Try in the Netherlands

If there is one thing to be said about traditional Dutch food, it's that it's not the healthiest cuisine. But when you are tucking into a plate of Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts), you probably won't care! Their name means 'oil spheres', and they are balls of dumpling batter fried in hot oil, and later sprinkled with icing sugar. There are variations all over northern Europe, but they originate. See more ideas about typical dutch food, dutch recipes, food. Apr 22, 2013 - Explore Rebecca-J's board Typical Dutch Food, followed by 434 people on Pinterest Dutch food has never taken the world by storm and traditional Dutch food is pretty mainstream as in meat, potato and veg. Like any other peasant cuisine, the staples of Dutch food are based on things likes stews and casseroles. What the Dutch did excel at was finding the spice routes to the Far East. Top 14 Dutch Foods. Raw Herring; Stroop Wafel Hi everyone, here's a video of another typical Dutch food that I found to be delicious just like the #BoerenkoolStamppot. I remember first having this last y..

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Dutch Drinks & Food. Dutch Kitchen Meals. Typical Dutch Meals. Filter by Typical Dutch Meals . Filter by All manufacturers . 1 Aarts 1 Bicro 8 Hak 4 Honig 1 Horeca Select 10 Knorr 2 Kühne 4 Raak 14 Unox 9 Verstegen Specific products . 37 Bestseller 1 Special offer 1 New products Filter by. All manufacturers . 1 Aarts 1 Bicro 8 Hak 4 Honig 1 Horeca Select 10 Knorr 2 Kühne 4 Raak 14 Unox 9. Welcome to this food-focussed Dutch culture guide covering some of the most typical Dutch snacks and dishes you can find in Holland - don't watch on an empty.. Typical Dutch food. Every province in the Netherlands has its own unique regional Dutch products. In the province Limburg, for instance, you can enjoy the delicious regional vlaai (fruit tart), and in Zeeland you should definitely try a Zeeuwse Bolus (sweet pastry). The Dutch like to serve dishes in the winter like erwtensoep (pea soup) and stamppot (mashed potatoes and veg). Last but not.

Typical for Dutch food is also licorice (drop), peppermint (Pepermunt) and asian specialities as saté or bami goreng. Discover the large product range of Dutch food in our categories. Your advantages at hollandshop24.com. Online Dutch supermarket with worldwide delivery. Weekly changing offers and new products . Dutch premium brand products directly from the Netherlands. Fair prices for Dutch. 1-dec-2016 - Bekijk het bord 'typical dutch food' van Francis 83, dat wordt gevolgd door 260 personen op Pinterest. Bekijk meer ideeën over eten, eten en drinken, lekker Dutch food has a bit of an unfair reputation for being bland and uninteresting. If you've been on any of our Amsterdam food tours, you surely know why this is unfair (and false!While it's certainly not as famous as France or Italy's, there are quite a few tasty traditional Dutch foods & dishes that you've got to try when visiting The Netherlands - and some you can replicate at home

In The Netherlands we have a Dutch food culture that teaches us to master snacks, cakes, candy and stamppot. In general the old, traditional Dutch food in The Netherlands is very simple. As that were the ingredients that we used to have. Our climate and soil is great for kale, potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. Those are very bland products, that fill you up and are products that are part of Dutch meals that are often eaten during the autumn/ winter period. The Dutch diet is all. Dutch cuisine is formed from the cooking traditions and practices of the Netherlands. The country's cuisine is shaped by its location in the fertile North Sea river delta of the European Plain, giving rise to fishing, farming, and trading over sea, its former colonial empire and the spice trade. Traditionally, Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward, with many vegetables and little meat: breakfast and lunch are typically bread with toppings like cheese, while dinner is meat and potatoes, su Get your taste buds ready to sample some traditional Dutch food! In order to experience the Netherlands in an authentic way, you just HAVE to try traditional Dutch cuisines and specialties. So, here are the Top 22 Dutch foods you must try: 1. Haring (Hollandse Nieuwe) Ok, so herring isn't that weird. But the Dutch like to eat it raw. To eat it the traditional way: tip your head back, grab. The traditional Dutch dish has a potato base and is prepared with vegetables, according to taste (so you might find that traditional Dutch recipes for Stamppot vary slightly). Basic ingredients - white potato, sweet potato, carrots, onion and cabbage - are simmered in a pot, mashed and topped with rookworst (smoked sausage)

Stroopwafels are fun to eat and to say (thanks to Wikipedia, you can hear the pronunciation). This popular Dutch food is made from two thin layers of baked dough—like very skinny waffles—stuck together with caramel syrup Stamppot is a traditional Dutch food served with potatoes, spinach, sauerkraut, and some other veggies. (Be warned vegans: this dish is not vegan friendly!) It's quite a heavy dish, perfect for a cold winter day in Amsterdam. I'd recommend going to Moeder's, a traditional Dutch restaurant, for stamppot. Kasteeltje

Haring - Amsterdam, Netherlands | Local Food Guide

Traditional Dutch food. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; reddit; What's up; Unlike the French or the Italians, the Dutch are not generally known for their culinary traditions. Beyond the famous cheeses and ubiquitous fried snacks, everyday food in the Netherlands remains a bit of a mystery for most non-Dutch. Typical Dutch cuisine . So what do the Dutch eat when no one is looking? › Stamppot. The Dutch kids and grown-ups alike love sprinkles on their food. They even have a special term, 'Hagelslag', for sprinkle sandwich filling which works for both, breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The Dutch passion, however, doesn't stop at sandwiches and you will find them sprinkle many other things as well, mostly desserts

Traditional Dutch Food Here at Eating Amsterdam HQ, we are (as you know) all about the food We lust after creamy Edam and salty, mature Gouda cheeses We'd die for a sweet, spiced stroopwafel oozing with warm carame Netherlands Food and Drink 'Typical' Dutch food tends to be wholesome and hearty, rather than elegant. Large towns, however, have a wide range of restaurants specialising in international dishes. In fact, The Netherlands boasts with more than 100 Michelin-starred restaurants. Indonesian cuisine, a spicy legacy of Dutch colonisation in the East Indies, is particularly good in the Netherlands. A.

What Is Typical Dutch Food? Dutch Traditional Food Guide

Stoemp (Mashed Potato) With a nod to the two dishes at the top of this list of savoury Dutch food, stoemp is a mashed potato dish that's popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. Diced vegetables are added to creamy mashed potatoes to add more flavor, color and an incredible texture However what is typically Dutch are the meat snacks. The best known are the beef croquette, the bitterbal (beef croquette in the shape of a ball, that you eat with mustard), the frikandel (sausage with spiced meat) and my personal favourite the cheese soufflé (dough with cheese filling) Traditional Dutch Food Apple Pie / Appeltaart In the Netherlands apple pie - which is also called appeltart - is one of the most popular desserts you can get. It is sold in almost every cafe and bakery and is a highly sought after sweet dessert option It's good to know that most restaurants in Holland won't serve you typically Dutch food. Dutch people don't go out for dinner that often. If they do, they prefer food that they wouldn't prepare at home. Fancy restaurants usually serve French style food. Next to that, there are a lot of restaurants serving foreign food. There are many migrant communities in Holland that all brought.

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  1. Apr 22, 2013 - Explore Rebecca-J's board Typical Dutch Food, followed by 433 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about typical dutch food, dutch recipes, food
  2. In this article we summarise 75 typical Dutch foods you really need to try when you're in The Netherlands. If you visit The Netherlands only for one day, think again to extend your stay a bit longer. We don't want you to get sick because you ate too much . Author: Helena Smit. Dutch dietitian & foodie living in Rotterdam with a personal mission to put Dutch food on the international.
  3. Tag Archives: Typical Dutch Food #3 Fried & Mashed food. Posted on October 29, 2013 by LEKKER DUTCHLAND. Reply. It's not a secret fries have always been very popular in and for the Netherlands. The romantic love for fried food is not only mirrowed in those creative and very tasty 'frietjes styles'. Bitterballen, Frikandal, Kroket and Lumpia are as well integral part of the Dutch snack.
  4. 8 Traditional Dutch foods You MUST Try Stamppot. Stamppot is the perfect thing to eat on a cold Dutch winter's day! It does bear many similarities to dishes that you'll eat elsewhere in Europe and America - it mainly consists of vegetables and mashed potatoes with some sort of meat (usual chunks of sausage or bacon) and rich gravy. However, there are lots of different variations in dutch.
  5. Typical Dutch Food and best places to eat it in Amsterdam 1x Stroopwafels. These thin waffles with syrup inside find their origin in Gouda, a Dutch city which is actually better... 2x Stamppot. This is basically the dish which immediately pops up if you ask a random Dutch person what a typical.
  6. Dutch food. Do you also miss the taste of typical Dutch products like liquorice, sprinkles, or real Dutch fresh cheese? We offer a wide variety of the typical Dutch food in our nr. 1 online Dutch Supermarket. Home Baking. Canned Food. Cheese, Sausage & Dairy. Biscuits, snacks & sweets. Meals. Breakfast & Lunch. Sauces & Herbs . Organic & dietary. Customer Service. Contact: Payment Methods.

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The Dutch Table is the most extensive online resource for traditional Dutch food recipes. Typical Dutch Food. Amsterdam Food. Fairy Bread. Happy Kitchen. Dutch Recipes. After School Snacks. Sweet Memories. Sweet Bread Cured meats are also an important aspect of traditional Dutch food culture. You can for example try 'ossenworst', a raw beef sausage. It is nice on bread, with some salt and pepper on top. Filet Americain - Sandwich spread This is a sandwich spread consisting of beef, seasonings, capers, onions, and some mayo and mustard that bind it all together. You can put it on your bread with. This one is considered the number 1 typical Dutch food. Lots of potatoes, lots of vegetables, boil them and mash it all together (stamppot translated literally as 'mash pot')

This typical food, Hema Worst (sausage) is often eaten with mustard. Hema had stores just serving Hema Worst as their main product. Green Pea Soup aka Snert This seasonal soup is typical dutch food for in the winter You will also encounter delicious Dutch food! These traditional dishes offer a sample of Dutch culture (and are incredibly tasty to boot!) We've put together a list of mouth-watering recipes that are easy to create and will make you feel like you are relaxing at one of Amsterdam's canal-side cafes! The Netherlands is home to a range of delicious traditional food. Pannenkoeken (Pancakes. Frikandellen are a famous Dutch food. A frikandel is a minced-meat sausage that looks a bit like a dark brown hot dog without a skin. It another common Dutch fried food that is served bun-less. My favorite way to eat a frikandel is as a frikandel special (frikandel speciaal in Dutch)

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Get your taste buds ready to sample some traditional Dutch food! In order to experience the Netherlands in an authentic way, you just HAVE to try traditional Dutch cuisines and specialties. So, here are the Top 22 Dutch foods you must try: 1. Haring (Hollandse Nieuwe) Ok, so herring isn't that weird. But the Dutch like t But Dutch food can also be sweet! Sweet dishes like Poffertjes, Stroopwafels and Hagelslag (sprinkels) are well-known specilities in the Netherlands. Dutch people love their export classics like peanutbutter (Pindakaas) or sweet butter cake (Roomboterkoek). They also have their typical breakfast traditions which are mostly white soft bread, breakfast cake (Ontbijtkoek) or rusk (Beschuit) with sweet food like sprinkels (Hagelslag), chocoloate flakes (vlokken) or different kinds of spread like. TYPICAL DUTCH FOOD Content - Breakfast - Sweets - Snacks - Dinner - Specialties QUIZ Q10. What is the specialty from our province? A. Haagse hopjes B. Limburgse vlaai C. Zeeuwse bolus D. Boerenkool Q1. What doesn't belong here? A - Hutspot B - Boerenkool C - Andijvie D - Stamppo

We were determined to find traditional Dutch foods and drinks to taste in The Netherlands the first time we visited together. Years ago I went to Amsterdam for the first time. I was aching to have any food that was local or typically Dutch. But at the time all I discovered during my two days there was fries. (They were delicious French fries, but stillfries. I admit, maybe I wasn't. Typical Dutch Stuff is de allergrootste online supermarkt die het mogelijk maakt om ruim 25.000 Nederlandse en Belgische producten naar u in het buitenland te sturen. Zo heeft u - waar u ook woont - uw eigen favoriete producten binnen 4 werkdagen, wereldwijd en tegen de allerlaagste verzendkosten voordelig in huis Do what the Dutch do! Put the stroopwafel on top of your cup of tea or coffee. By placing the syrup waffle on your cup of tea or coffee, the caramel filling melts and it makes the waffle ten times better. The Dutch really enjoy eating stroopwafels This warming drink is significantly more peppery than other European variants and contains traditional Dutch spices like anise, nutmeg and cinnamon. These aromatic ingredients are boiled with red wine and the resulting beverage is then served up with a slice of orange or an aniseed star. A waft of glühwein smells like christmas and guzzling down a glass or two will immediately remedy the. 'Tosti' is not a traditional Dutch food but is typical in most Dutch restaurants and cafes. Try a simple 'tosti' at Iguana Cafe at the Handelskade in Willemstad, along with your coffee or a beer, while watching the ships entering the harbor. Of course, you can also prepare a 'tosti' at home. Many people use a panini press or simple electric grill machine but you can make it in a pan on the.

Bitterballen, stroopwafels and other typically Dutch foods. Discover our top 5 and eat like a local. Read more. Traditional food Tasting beer and jenever: the best tips. Discover the history of these traditional and typically Dutch drinks. Read more. What does the Netherlands look like? Famous images of Dutch canals and channels and of course the flower fields known all over the world. Mar 26, 2018 - The most delicious typical Dutch food you can eat in the Netherlands by a local including where to find it. You'll love this list of traditional Dutch food Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine is the typical and traditional fare of the Pennsylvania Dutch.According to one writer, If you had to make a short list of regions in the United States where regional food is actually consumed on a daily basis, the land of the Pennsylvania Dutch—in and around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—would be at or near the top of that list, mainly because the area is a. Some typical Dutch brandy Citroenbrandewijn (a yellow brandy made with lemon peel) if it's made with Dutch gin it's called citroenjenever. Bessen (red brandy made with red berries, also known as bessen jenever if made with jenever) Cherry Brandy a brandy made from cherries Boerenjongens, literally. Where to find traditional Dutch food in Amsterdam. 2019-05-15. The culinary scene in Amsterdam is ever-growing and has never been as versatile as it is today. With the entire world cuisine within reach, it's easy to forget traditional Dutch food. To make sure you actually eat at least one of these Dutch treats, we've been on a little scavenger hunt for the best spots to eat these typical.

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Plus, it's much nicer and tastier than traditional Dutch food ;-) Report inappropriate content . 6. Re: Dutch food . 5 years ago-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. To review the Tripadvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link: http. Oct 24, 2017 - #bitterballen #pancakes #pannekoeken #beer #biertje #stroopwafels #cheese #kaas #liquorice #drop #hagelslag #olliebollen #dutchpeasoup #erwtensoep #frietjes. See more ideas about dutch recipes, food, typical dutch food

Order Canned Food From Holland Online - Worldwide delivery - Low shipping costs - 100% Delivery guarante Nov 17, 2018 - Discover Holland's best kept secret: its food! The Dutch Table is the most extensive online resource for traditional Dutch food recipes

Here, researchers explain how to follow the Dutch diet and why it's so great for your brain. Photo: Stocksy/Jill Chen. Think hero diet, not hero food Typische holländische Getränke. Für Getränke, die in den Niederlanden üblich sin Traditional Dutch Food. Moeders (Dutch for mothers) is known for the traditional Dutch food. For almost 30 years we serve our famous Dutch Ricedish, which is a combination of all our typical Dutch specialties. For those who don't want to enjoy all of this, there are plenty of other things to chose from the extensive, international menu Oct 10, 2012 - Discover Holland's best kept secret: its food! The Dutch Table is the most extensive online resource for traditional Dutch food recipes English traditional foods can be - hmm - well shall we say unusual in other countries. For example in Canada we wouldn't dream of trying a meat pie from tin and when I mention Toad in the Hole to friends they give me that oh no here comes some weird food look. Foraging has always been a part of my British food memories. Picking wild blackberries, gathering rose hips and scouting.

Traditional Food In The Netherlands To Try 1. Erwtensoep (pea soup). Pronounced air-ten-soup, Erwtensoep is a simple pea soup that several countries across... 2. Stamppot (mash pot). If you are visiting the Netherlands in winter, one of the most satisfying traditional Dutch... 3. Stroopwafel. Dutch cuisine being simple and rustic, it may not be as popular as other European foods. But after spending a few years living in the Netherlands, I can assure you that there are Dutch foods that are absolutely delicious. There are also many region-specific foods that are a must-try on your visit! Let's look at the best of them, from sweet to. These 75 typical Dutch foods you really need to try! Eat your way through The Netherlands. Read More. Latest articles . Eat your way through The Netherlands . Vegetable soup with meatballs. Dutch food, Recipes. This Dutch vegetable soup with meatballs is a simple recipe with maximum flavour. It's a great lunch or part of dinner with some fresh bread on the side. read more. Semolina pudding. A traditional Food from the Netherlands. A Traditional Dutch Food speciality is Stamppot, a simple but delicious meal of mashed potato and vegetables and if you like accompanied by meatballs or sausage. This is served at a very lovely and quaint restaurant Sonneveld, unmistakably Dutch and very yummy

Typical Dutch Food - 25 Traditional Dishes & Dessert

Besides that we have many more typical Dutch food; drop (a black candy), lamb from the island Texel, lobster from the Oosterschelde and some local treats from the bakery like; eierkoeken, krentenbollen, Zeeuwse bolussen and vlaai from Limburg Classic Dutch food consists of boiled potatoes mashed together with a raw or cooked vegetables such as such as kale, sauerkraut, or endive, usually served with a juicy 'rookworst' (see 14), a smoked sausage and some gravy

Seriously though, the only' restaurants specialising in 'Dutch' food you will find in NL are in Amsterdam and largely aimed at tourists. Even then if you look at their menus it is hard to differentiate them from many local restaurants. Traditional Dutch dishes include things like spare ribs and curry. One such example is here On the surface, the Dutch and Mediterranean diets seem similar, both favoring veggies, fruit, fish, and nuts. But here's the big difference: Pastries and dairy have prominent places on the table. Dutch Products on Sale; DUTCH FOOD. Baking; Breakfast & Lunch; Dutch Cooking; Asian Cooking; Inproba Oriental; Dutch Soup; Dutch Meals Mix; Dutch Meat / Sausage; Canned Vegetables; Canned Sauces; Cookies / Biscuits; Dutch Cheese; Snacks & Chips; Syrup Waffles; SuperFoods; DUTCH DRINKS. Cold Drinks; Hot Drinks; BABY & CHILD. Aptamilk (milk powder) Hero (Milk powder) Hipp; Kruitvat (Milk powder

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The 5 most typical Dutch foods. Posted by esngroningen-blog on October 11, 2017 September 15, 2019. Welcome all the foodies to this quick and simple guide to Dutch cuisine! As a new international student, you should get immersed into the Dutch culture as much as possible, what better way to do it then through food! Cheese is in everything, most dishes, on pasta or in a toasty, it's delicious. A typical Dutch breakfast consists of several types of bread, slices of Dutch cheese, butter, jam or honey, sometimes eggs, sausages or prepared meats. Coffee, tea, chocolate and fruit juice are drunk at breakfast. Another traditional Dutch breakfast is an uitsmijter, which is the name given to a substantial meal of eggs (usually three), bread, cheese and/or ham and bacon Typical Dutch Food. 1x Vegetarian. 1x healthy cooked meat. 1x fasting period. 1x cooked without fire. 1x specific holiday. VOLUNTEERS OF HOPE. COMENIUS PROJECT. 2011-2013. Funded by the European commission. VegetarianRaw endive mash with gouda cheese. Ingredients: 1 kilo potatoes, pealed and quartered. 1 kilo endive,(washed and chopped . 25 grams butter. 200 ml double cream or crème. To get somewhere, the Dutch like to take the bicycle. People grow up with Cycling in the Netherlands! In the city, in nature, to work, with bicycle bags, trailers or an electric motor. And do you know typical Dutch food? Cheese, herring, licorice and bitterballen... The Dutch love it The Dutch twist for this comfort food plays along with the texture, doughy and moist on its layers then crispy-like-cookie crust. As for the taste, the blend is the highlight, making sure that the flavor is packed in the apples and that it is not too sweet. Such attributes make this an ideal light snack that will not fail to enchant your taste buds, even if you are not exactly a sweet tooth.

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